preterite | from the wells cd

In other news, the second album by Preterite, my ongoing collaboration with Geneviève Beaulieu of Menace Ruine, was released in September by Union Finale, a recently launched label run by Geneviève and her MR partner S. Available on CD in a hand-assembled, limited and numbered Arigato pak with fold-out insert from UF and as a download from Bandcamp.

jh at bandcamp

The demise of Fileden, which event occasioned the loss of all the sound files linked on this blog, has prompted me to start adding archive material at Bandcamp. This time I am adding entire releases instead of single tracks. Complete works, both previously released and unreleased, by Annihilist, Column and Manolian Speck have been added with more material to come over the next months.


james hamilton | ghost paths I-V | union finale uni03

I have a new thing available, the first in my 26-odd years of activity simply as myself. 'Ghost Paths I-V' is hopefully the first of an occasional series of mostly live and partially improvised music that is evolving alongside my work in Preterite. With many thanks to Genevieve and Steve at Union Finale for their support, and friendship, and collaboration over the years.

These recordings happened at The Pines in Montreal in October and November of 2012, using a battered Les Paul, an even more battered and ancient Univox bass, a few old Ampeg and Garnet amps and a lot of patience.

Listen and download here


2013 news updates

Goings-on in the first half of 2013:

Preterite released a digital EP, Remembrancer, in February, and our second album, From the Wells, will be released by Menace Ruine's new Union Finale imprint on the 22nd of September. We will be launching this with our first show in close to two years, at Casa del Popolo in Montreal on September 21st, guests TBA. The title track is streamable here.

The complete works of Nebris are now available on Bandcamp, and now this occasionally rewarding, occasionally frustrating venture can truly be said to be over and done with. Thanks to everyone who supported in some greater or smaller way.

Recordings made in October 2012 and January 2013 based on my solo performance with Menace Ruine last fall may see the light of day sometime this fall as well, or not. No promises.

Will update again no doubt in another six months. Hope the year is treating everyone well.