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trace [2008]

Stills from Trace
Video for Nebris performances in Toronto, Québec and Montréal, June 2008.


avo-008 :: angelicate :: compendium II [1991]

Thanks to Carol for sending photos of this long-lost tape. This is one of the first 20 copies - the side two track listing changed with subsequent runs. 


keraunograph :: work in progress 2010

recorded 1.III.2010
for acoustic guitar, harmonium, kemence and voice

study for the spirit assembly 
recorded 9-21.XI.2009
for acoustic guitar, harmonium, kemence, organ and piano


manolian speck :: 2003-2004

island of throats
sources recorded 2001-2003
edited and mixed 2003
piano, voices, tapes, percussion, microphones, pots & pans, treatments

semiprecious (version)
recorded 2003
 radio, percussion, voice, treatments

wounds grow wings
recorded 2004
adapted from a piece originally recorded in 2001
voice, strings, filters, treatments
for geff rushton


manolian speck :: 2000 - 2001

recorded XII.2000
guitar, loops (voice, owls), granular treatment, effects

the third devourer
recorded XII.2001
string samples with realtime granular treatment


recorded sometime in 2002
pedal feedback loop, drum sequence, voice, effects

chant zero
recorded XII.2001
samples (strings, wolves, voice) with realtime granular treatment, lowpass filter, effects


annihilist :: final recordings 2004-2006

mend the black wing
recorded live to disc 2004
metal, microphones, effects, granular treatments

excerpt from trinity 1
recorded spring 2005
metal, microphones, strings, effects

excerpt from trinity 2
recorded summer 2005
metal, microphones, piano, tibetan thighbone trumpet, effects
released as 'sutra x' on
koji tano (2005 - ∞) - a tribute :: netrelease, steinklang industries 2005

outtake from trinity
recorded 2006
metal, microphones, effects


annihilist :: 1999-2000

the depriver
recorded live to tape 11.VI.1999
bells, voice

the harrower
recorded at dna productions, montreal, 18.IX.1999
rainmaker, mics, metal, voice, treatments
engineered by rob denton
dystonia ek d.31 :: annihilist :: the harrower :: mcdr (1999)
dystonia ek d.32 :: annihilist :: halo of locust :: cdr (2000)
this is a newly remastered version.

the throne
recorded live to disc III.2000
voice, effects
dystonia ek d.32 :: annihilist :: halo of locust :: cdr (2000)
this is a short version of the piece performed live at hotel 2 tango, montreal, 20.V.2000


column :: last recordings, 1998-99

the pool, the seeping wall
prime radiant
recorded live to dat at dna productions, montreal
engineered by rob denton
jh: amplified glass and metal assemblage
released: dystonia ek d.24 :: column :: panphage c60 (1998)
a rather badly remastered version of 'the pool...' was released as 'panphage [excerpt]' (and misspelled on the sleeve of) alien8 recordings aliencd 014 :: various :: coalescence cd (1999)

recorded live to tape, IX.1998
jh: south american transverse wood flute, amplified with an attached contact mic along with chanting through the flute itself

dust of the crossroads
recorded live to tape, IX.1998
jh: metal grille

these last two released: dystonia ek d.27 :: column :: swansong c60 (1999)

manolian speck :: 1998

recorded 24.V.1998
voice, toy keyboard, , various microphone scrapings, effects
kate macdonald: distant background voice

excerpt from asleep in the grey mere
recorded summer 1990 and fall 1998
tapes, springs, contact mics, voices, test tone generator, juno-106 synth, effects


angelicate :: final recordings, 1998

distant hungers
recorded 24.V.1998
voices, effects

terminal evening
recorded 18.VI 1998
voices, effects

recorded 3.VI.1998
jx10 synth, voice, effects

all taken from the 2nd-generation dubbing master, in fairly rough shape now, including some serious phasing on 'anthem' and occasional dropouts in all three tracks. such is life.

all released: dystonia ek d.23 :: angelicate :: terminal light c60 (1998)


annihilist :: 1998-99

excerpt from white terror
recorded live to cassette, VIII.1998
voice, effects
released: dystonia ek d.28 :: annihilist :: white terror c60 (1998)

the divine enforcer
recorded live to cassette, 13.IX.1998
voice, tapes, effects
released: dystonia ek d.29 :: annihilist :: the divine enforcer c60 (1999)
and, inadequately remastered on dystonia archive X :: annihilist :: sequence nihil cdr (2004)
this version has been rerecorded from the master tape.
this piece was also performed live at hotel 2 tango, montreal, 19.II1999.

devouring light

recorded live to cassette, 13.IX.1998
voice, effects
released: dystonia ek d.29 :: annihilist :: the divine enforcer c60 (1999)


column :: 1997

recorded 29.VII.1997
metal, knife, effects
released: d.20 :: column :: prayer zero c60 (1997)

her dream became wailing
recorded 29.VII.1997
large glass plate, knives, effects
released: d.20 :: column :: prayer zero c60 (1997)

she hangs on the western wall
recorded 5.X.1997
metal, glass, knives, effects
released: d.21 :: column :: evensong c60 (1998)



manolian speck
the wraith track
recorded march 1993
voices, emaxII sampler, effects
recorded for d.14 :: manolian speck :: the white visitation c90 (unfinished and unreleased)

excerpt from dawn cross
recorded 23.I.1993
voices, bells, emaxII sampler, effects

excerpt from carnifex II
sources recorded 1993-94
mixed summer 1995
tapes, voices, percussion, effects
released: d.15 :: occultismus und liebe c60 (1995)


column :: 1991-92

Recorded at Studio D, 24.VIII.1991
Shortwave, effects
Dystonia EK AVO-010 :: Column :: Flesh Cluster :: C60 (1992)


angelicate :: 1991

Beasts of the field
recorded at Studio D, 24.VIII.1991
Voices, effects
The backing track, for this, slowed down to half-speed and reprocessed, was released on Dystonia EK AVO-008 :: Angelicate :: Compendium II as 'the scourging room'.


angelicate :: 1987-88

voice of fire, voice of bone
recorded at studio d, I.1987.
tape loop, treatments.
released: dystonia ek avo-005 :: angelicate :: compendium c60 (1990)

excerpt from a plunge toward dawn
recorded at studio d, sometime in the first half of 1987
tone generator, tapes, shortwave, voice, tape delay, not that you can make much out.
released: dystonia ek d.0 :: pre/history c60 (1997)

nar mattaru
baptism engine

recorded at studio d, IV.1988
spring reverb feedback, tone generator, shortwave, metal, voice, tape delays
baptism engine released: dystonia ek avo-002 :: various :: ascesis c60 (1990)
dystonia ek avo-008 :: angelicate :: compendium II c60 (1991)
nar mattaru released: dystonia ek avo-001 :: angelicate :: star 418 c60 (1989)
dystonia ek avo-001a :: angelicate :: star 418 revised c100 (1991)
these tracks share some elements.

recorded at studio d, V.1988
tapes, loops, turntables, tone generator, shortwave, metal, tape delays, spring reverb
released: obituary music obit005 :: various :: searching my body for the mark of the beast c46 (1988)
dystonia ek avo-001 :: angelicate :: star 418 c60 (1989)
dystonia ek avo-001a :: angelicate :: star 418 revised c100 (1991)
and, slightly revised on dystonia ek avo-008 :: angelicate :: compendium II c60 (1991)


angelicate :: before creation / plague wind :: 1986

Before creation
studio d, december 1986
voice, tape delay, feedback

Plague wind

studio d, december 1986
voice, tape delay, spring reverb, metal, feedback

Dystonia EK archives, 1986-2009

This blog presents an ongoing selection of individual tracks from the back catalogue of Dystonia EK (launched 1989, closed 2009), as well as related material both pre-dating the label and existing alongside it over the years.

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