column :: last recordings, 1998-99

the pool, the seeping wall
prime radiant
recorded live to dat at dna productions, montreal
engineered by rob denton
jh: amplified glass and metal assemblage
released: dystonia ek d.24 :: column :: panphage c60 (1998)
a rather badly remastered version of 'the pool...' was released as 'panphage [excerpt]' (and misspelled on the sleeve of) alien8 recordings aliencd 014 :: various :: coalescence cd (1999)

recorded live to tape, IX.1998
jh: south american transverse wood flute, amplified with an attached contact mic along with chanting through the flute itself

dust of the crossroads
recorded live to tape, IX.1998
jh: metal grille

these last two released: dystonia ek d.27 :: column :: swansong c60 (1999)

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